a) Response to Post ImpactTasking


Once the weather is suitable for flight operations, aircrews shouldbe prepared to respond to anytasking assigned. The ACIC or IC will attempt to determine the expected operational tempo for the next 72 hours. Whenever possible, aircraft that have been evacuated will be recovered to a mission base or to their home location reference mission tasking.


b) CAP Facilities/Asset Managers:


1) When able, check on andreport the condition and status of corporate assets via SITREP.

2) Check for damage to facility and secure utilities if required

 c) Group and Unit Commanders/Operations/ES Officers:


1)  Begin accounting for your personnel and corporate assets.


2) Compile a list of personnel and their qualifications that can respondto mission tasking’s and forward this to your next higher HQS.


d) ALL


1)  Ensure personalsafety.

2)  DO NOT respond to any taskingunless that taskingis received from OFFICIAL CAP

command authority.

3)  Monitor OFFICIALCAP communications channels including any social media for any

mobilization areas in your locale.

4)  Remember that help is on the way, be patient and take care of yourself, always plan to be

self sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours (three days).