Issued 12 hours in advance of the earliest predicted arrival of 50-knot (58 mph) winds.



1.    All: Ensure that all HURCON 4, HURCON 3, and HURCON 2 actions are complete.


2.    Unit Commanders/Operations/ES officers:

a.   Provide updated daily SITREPS to Group/FLWG.

b.   Maintain accountability of personnel.

c.   Complete and maintain all hurricane preparations until directed otherwise.

d.   Notify  Group  and/or  FLWG  of  any  change to availability of mission-related equipment, damage to CAP property, injuries to CAP members (specify whether they were in a mission status when injured)or CAP members who have been seriously affected by storm damage.


3.    Individual Members:

a.   If unable to evacuate, shelter-in-place in the safest location available.

b.   Maintain contact with your unit's phone tree or other means of member accounting and advise them of any change in your storm plans or availability.

c.   Monitor the FLWG Hurricane Net, FLWG website, Facebook,Twitter and your email for further instructions as the situation develops.