  Duty Position:                         Summer Encampment Commander (ENC/CC)
  Position Number:                    NA
  Application Opening Date:      23 JAN 2019
  Application Closing Date:        3 FEB 2019
  Selecting Official Reports to:   FLWG/CC-Wing
  Specialty Track:                       216, 222
  Duty Location:                         Camp Blanding Joint Training Center - Starke, Florida
  Dates:                                      13 – 22 JUN 2019
  Reviewing/Referring Official:    Linares, Capt., CAP (A5CP)

Minimum Qualifications:  The minimum qualifications for the position as the following:

1.      Hold the rank of Captain.
2.      Have completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program.
3.      Hold at least a SENIOR rating in the Cadet Program Officer Specialty Track (216) or SENIOR in Command Specialty Track (222).
4.      Be able to meet the high integrity standards of the position.
5.      Be familiar with all CAP directives, with particular emphasis on CAPR 52-16, CAPP 216 and other CAP directives in 35, 39, 50, 52, 67, 76, 280, 900 series.
6.      Be familiar with Cadet Program Aerospace Education texts and other cadet program materials located on the national cadet programs website.
7.      Possess effective and efficient oral and written communication skills.
8.      Demonstrated leadership and administrative skills.
9.      Be willing to perform all the duties of the position as listed below.

Desired Qualifications:  The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications in addition to those described above:

1.      Hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
2.      Have completed Level V of the Senior Member Professional Development Program.
3.      Hold a MASTER Rating in the Cadet Program Officer Specialty Track (216) or MASTER rating in the Command Specialty Track (222).

Duties:  The Encampment Commander (ENC/CC) is responsible to provide leadership of the overall planning, administration, operation, training program and close out activities of the encampment.  Furthermore, he/she is responsible for the actions of all the personnel attending the activity, as well as, their compliance with CAP directives and instructions including host installation commander policies.

The ENC/CC shall:

1.      Be thoroughly familiar with CAPR 52016 "Cadet Program Management”, FLWG Operating Instruction 11-06 "Encampment Management and Operations”, CAPP 52-24 "Cadet Encampment Guide” and CAPP 52-25 "Cadet Encampment Handbook”.  
2.      Serves as the Civil Air Patrol top ranking representative to the installation command.
3.      Selects Encampment Project Officers.
4.      Selects senior member and cadet staff.
5.      Provide guidance to ENC Project Officers to coordinate base facilities and support services.
6.      Serve as the deciding authority for awarding or encampment completion credit to all encampment participants, including withdrawn members.
7.      Ensure a fair and functional application process is applied for all members.
8.      Determine facilities usage plan by assigning buildings for specific functions at the location to be used.  Additionally, ensure plans are in place prior to        facility use that will ensure the facilities are regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned and upon completion of the activity, turned in to the providing agency without discrepancy.
9.    Ensure safety, health and well-being of ENC staff and attendants.
10.  Ensure effective management and administration of resources (funds, asset management) IAW CAP regulations and directives.
11.  Ensure submittal of an After Action Report (AAR) to the FLWG Director of Cadet Programs (DCP) within 45 days after the end of encampment.
12.  Other duties as assigned IAW FLWG OI 11-06 and CAPR 52-16.

Required Documents:  Applicants must submit the following documents by the application closing date:
1.       Cover letter, signed, dated and annotated with job number / title.
2.      Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and professional resume.
3.      Wing or Group Commander’s endorsement depending on applicant’s unit of assignment.

  Application must be sent via email to:  elinares@flwg.us
  Applicant screening will be done without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin or disability.
  Applicants may be asked for a personal or telephonic interview.  Upon notification, a mutually convenient time and place will be arranged.  Inquiries concerning specific aspects of the duty position should be directed to the Reviewing Official.
  Selection criteria are based on Civil Air Patrol training, experience and participation, as well as, civilian education and experience related to the position.