Asst. Public Affairs Officer




Position No. – 99997              Duty Position: Assistant Public Affairs Officer– A6PAO

Application Opening Date:     16 February 2018

Application Closing Date:      16 June 2018

Reports to:                              Director of Public Affiars

Duty Location:                        FLWG

Unit:                                        SER-FL-001

Reviewing Official:                A6, Chief of Staff


Who May Apply: ALL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS who are current active Florida Wing Members of the Civil Air Patrol. If you don’t meet the requirements stated below, you may still apply, and be considered.


Position: Assistant Public Affairs Officer, FLWG




·        Responsible for assisting in developing and maintaining the wing's media outreach and internal information and marketing initiatives

·        Responsible for emergency communications, Internet content and social media, and training for public affairs specialists and public information officers. 

·        Able to conduct interviews

·        Able to assist in Web design, public relations

·        This position will be filled by a Senior Member assigned to SER-FL-001.
2nd-in-charge of directorate, responsible for:
• Assisting the Director in achieving stated objectives;
• Maintaining a broad-level view of all activities within the directorate;
• Overseeing wing online news feed, including supervision of online news feed staff;
• Maintaining a level of readiness to assume the position of Director should the need arise;
• Various tasks as assigned by supervisor.




Minimum Qualifications:

1.      Must be enrolled in the PA Specialty Track.

2.      Should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, all CAP governing  directives and all policy matters affecting their command.

3.      Computer skills in using Microsoft Power Point, Facebook.


Desired Qualifications:

1. Technician or higher rating in Public Affairs

2. Two years’ experience in PA at the unit level

3. Experience with photography, Facebook, Power Point

4. Experience in marketing, sales, social media, Web design, public relations and writing/editing disciplines           


Required Documents: Applicants must submit the following documents by the application closing date:

•           Cover letter, signed, dated and annotated with job number and title.

•           Civil Air Patrol resume.

•           Professional resume.

•           Unit Commander’s Endorsement.

Applications may be sent via email to:;;

Applicant screening will be done without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin or disability.

Applicants may be asked for a personal or telephonic interview. Upon notification, a mutually convenient time and place will be arranged. Inquiries concerning specific aspects of the duty position should be directed to the Reviewing Official.

Selection criteria are based on Civil Air Patrol training, experience, and participation, as well as, civilian education and experience related to the position.

NOTE: Include the Job Number and Job Title on your application. Incomplete applications may not be returned or acknowledged